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4,49 EUR*
Details Your Family Doctor, Diabetes: Diagnosis and Prevention, Medicines, Self-Management

Nearly 19 million people suffer from diabetes but one-third of them are not even aware of their problem. Are you at risk? Recognising and diagnosing diabetes in time is like winning half the battle. Sustained management can easily control diabetes ...

19,11 EUR*
Details Using a Model as a Practical Management Tool for Family Planning Programs

Lang:- eng, Pages 52. Reprinted in 2013 with the help of original edition published long back. This book is in black & white, Hardcover, sewing binding for longer life with Matt laminated multi-Colour Dust Cover, Printed on high quality Paper, re ...

21,90 EUR*
Details Getting Started in Project Management (The Getting Started In Series)

Whether working on an international project for a Fortune 500 company or organizing a family reunion, you need effective project management to ensure timely and efficient completion of projects. This helpful guide offers explanations of everything ...

73,42 EUR*
Details Dajar 38162 Bügelbrett Family Design Comfort Plus 120971

Extra breiter Komfortbügeltisch für schnelles & komfortables Bügeln auf großer Fläche. Durch das Heat&Steam Management (Hitzereflektion durch integrierte metallisierte Lage) wird die Bügelzeit bis zu 20% reduziert. Die glatte Oberfläche des ...

72,00 EUR*
Details Dyspnoea in Advanced Disease: A Guide to Clinical Management

Dyspnoea (breathlessness) is an uncomfortable awareness of breathing that occurs in approximately 30-75% of terminal cancer patients. It is one of the most distressing symptoms for both patients and family members and can seriously impact on quality ...

24,24 EUR*
Details The Care and Management of Lies: A Novel of the Great War

By July 1914, the ties between Kezia Marchant and Thea Brissenden, friends since girlhood, have become strained - by Thea's passionate embrace of women's suffrage, and by the imminent marriage of Kezia to Thea's brother, Tom, who runs the family farm ...

26,00 EUR*
Details Vintage photo of Prince Laurent with his family and a priest.

Size Size of photo 8.0"x10.4"  Prince Laurent of Belgium is the second son of King Albert II and Queen Paola, and younger brother of King Philippe. Prince Laurent is president of the Royal Institute for the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources ...

26,00 EUR*
Details Vintage photo of Close up of Roger Priouret.

Size 4.0" x 6.0"  Roger Priouret is a business journalist who collaborated French1 especially in L'Express and Le Nouvel Observateur and author in particular France and management and Managers. Roger Priouret comes from a large family of modest rural ...